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EU don’t give a FUCK about YOU

Do you think you are important? Do you think your opinion matters? Do you think you have something to say? Do you think anyone is listening to you? No shit! No one pays attention to you until you dare not pay your taxes, when you became the center of attention. 

If you are a number for your country State, for a supra-state structure do not think that you will be more than that. And the EU is a supra-state structure.

For you to understand the real behind-the-scenes machinations of the EU, you need to understand that the EU is a puppet organisation – a gaggle of ‘yes men’ [and ‘yes women’] who were formed by the royal houses of Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands, the ‘Windsor’ Saxe-Coburgs and the princely cadet family of Schleisweg-Holstein. It was Prince Carl Eduard Coburg [a British Prince born at Sandringham] who financed the ‘Third Reich’, along with the Princes of Hesse. When that ‘Third Reich’ was foiled by the bravery and tenacity of us Brits, a new war was immediately planned by the royal houses who had largely funded the Third Reich… A series of meetings at the Bilderberg Hotel in the Netherlands eventually saw the very first EU President being placed into office – his name was WALTER HALSTEIN and he had formerly been a senior lawyer working for Adolf Hitler. Halstein took orders from the Schleisweg-Holstein family and voila! all of a sudden, the people were hoodwinked by Ted Heath and became the ‘subjects’ of this new layer of undemocratic government. The Schleisweg-Holstein family and Saxe-Coburgs have influenced the EU Yes Men ever since – and the so called Brexit Withdrawal Agreement/Treaty was actually penned at the Foreign Office – not by the EU nor David Davis.

The EU is a political instrument designed to defraud 500m European people, and keep the ‘one king, one people, one fatherland’ ideology of Adolf Hitler alive. I am amazed that so many people cannot see that many of the EU presidents and top EU officials have actually been trained at think tanks and institutions patronised and even located on royal properties owned by the Saxe-Coburgs and Schleisweg-Holstein families. It is NO ACCIDENT that nearly all the EU’s top brass are either the children or grandchildren of NAZIs. (Everard)

Let’s not forget the great founders of the EU, people like Count Coudenhove-Kalergi. Friend of Baron Louis de Rothschild, financed by the bankers Warburg and Baruch. The Count’s philosophy? The amorphisation of the population at the level of a single Eurasian-Negro race to be led by a few Enlightenment (Jews in his vision). Once again the bat called Hitler got into his wheels a little but we can be happy, everything returned to normal and goes according to plan. The count is the one who proposed that the EU anthem be the Ode to Joy, it seems that he also had a fine sense of humor.

I am pissed off about all this Brexit sharade made by EU, which is unacceptable! I am speaking from a bussiness point a view. It’s simply unacceptable to make a deal a week before Brexit completion. They played games for two years without doing nothing, leaving the impression they are making hard negotiations to reach an agreement, constantly saying a no-deal Brexit will come, playing around millions of companies who’s businesses are affected by a no-deal Brexit. For what? For reaching an agreement after few days of “negotiations” with a week before Brexit getting into force.

Think about commerce businesses. What means a no-deal for them? Declarations, a lot of paper work, customs declaration entry in your country, customs duties, taxes, VAT paid in advance. And why the fuck should we all, people and businesses, pay VAT?!? For a company, all this equals loosing money, time, bureaucracy, decapitalisation. Do you know what means to translate each product you import in a commerce business with thousand of products each month? But who cares…

Tis means the EU monkeys don’t gave a fuck about small and medium EU businesses. The WITHDRAWAL AGREEMENT was signed into law in all EU member states as a TREATY with severe punishments for any of the member states who break the treaty and negotiate free trade with the UK. There are thousands of businesses potentially affected by customs tax duties for goods imported from UK. Nobody from EU talked with them, nobody from EU asked them what they want. Which means the EU have no representativeness among people. The EU do not represent the people’s and businesses’ interests in any aspect.

EU don’t give a FUCK about YOU!

The last EU shit is the trade agreement with Cina. “The EU & China concluded in principle negotiations on an investment agreement.  For more balanced trade & business opportunities” mme Ursula said. In other words, Cina has FREE PASS on buying cheap assets in EU. There is no balance between EU companies and Cina companies. Which companies are we talking about? Big EU companies are already in Cina. The smm EU companies are not power enough to go to Cina, and they are private backed up, with limited funds. The Cina companies are backed by CCP with unlimited capital. Is that balanced? Are we being taking by fools? YES, WE ARE!

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