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When will never see the Sun again

57.000 satellites are planned to be up in sky until 2029!

Civil and military satellites for telecommunication, for 5G, for internet, for monitoring climate, soil, forests, for spying, watching, for missile guidance, for everything you imagine and you don’t imagine.

You certainly don’t imagine how the life will be then, living with all this waves and radiation around you, bombarding your body, organs and cells, disturbing the natural climate on Earth. You will be monitored at every step you’ll make, being watch by the Big Eye with millimeter accuracy.

My problem as a, let’s say, Romanian citizen is who allowed the Chinese satellites to fly over Romania and monitor the Romanian people, soil, air etc? Same shit with different citizens and different owner satellites. Am I being asked if I agree, as a citizen???

Who allowed SpaceX satellites to fly over Italy and monitor Italian people, soil, air etc? Have Italians being asked for permission?

NO, the have not!

So, if not, is that legal?


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